Have you been struggling to create engaging and informative content for your target B2B audience?  It could be that you’re confronting budgetary constraints for promoting your content. Or perhaps you just don’t have enough time and cannot get yourself to ensure more productivity.

These instances of B2B may have prevented you from taking your marketing strategies to the next level. However, it is eminently possible to surmount these obstacles by leveraging B2B influencers.


Influencer marketing

It is a form of marketing which leverages influential leaders to proliferate your brand’s message. In other words, you hire thought or market influencers to get your brand’s message out there to the public on your behalf. It aims to harness the influence of important individuals to attain the desired business outcomes through mutually beneficial relationships.


Why influencer marketing

Word of mouth recommendation remains the most trusted advertising source. As per a recent study by McKinsey & Co., this form of marketing ends up creating twofold the sales generated by paid advertising. In addition, when attracting new customers using word-of-mouth, brands find themselves retaining a higher percentage of these customers. The rate of retention is, in fact, 37% higher than that for customers approaching your brands via other methods.


Here are 10 examples of B2B influence marketing.


  1. Using chatbots

A chatbot is an AI program that engages in friendly conversations though textual or auditory means. It is basically a human-like robot that can talk to you and answer your questions promptly and accurately; interestingly, they can be made smarter by implementing more advanced principles of AI and NLP.

When chatbots meet influencer marketing, the results can be stunning. In December 2016, chatbot maker Automat and The Amplify, a marketing platform joined hands to develop the first-of-its-kind influencer chatbot for Cover Girl. These firms converted (figuratively, of course) web influencer Kalani Hilliker (from the Dancing Mom) into a bot which was hosted on Kik.

This chatbot leveraged her personality to access the coupons of Cover Girl. This move evinced a whopping 91% positive reaction from the users, generating 14 times more conversation as opposed to her social media update.



  • Content Marketing Institute and Top Rank Online Marketing


In one of the finest examples of influencer marketing, Content Marketing Institute and TopRank Online Marketing joined hands with influencers to promote the Content Markeitng World conference held in 2014. They partnered with over 40 influencers belonging to major brands like Facebook, LinkedIn, Kapost and Copyblogger.

All influencers were requested to give their suggestions to aspiring content marketers and their expert insights was compiled to prepare a repository of resources for content marketing in the format of 4 eBooks.  

The campaign received over 200,000 total views for those eBooks. It also generated more than 200 event referrals and over 4,000 PDF downloads, in addition to upwards of 1,000 leads.


  • Video Fruit



The good thing about influencer marketing is that it doesn’t have to involve a human. It can also be a prominent blog, website or publisher. As a case in point, the founder of marketing consultancy firm Video Fruit, Bryan Harris unearthed the potential of influencer marketing by writing a guest blog for Okdork.

On the very first day, his website traffic leapfrogged from its earlier average of 285 visitors per day to over 1,000. Of those visits, new visitors accounted for 73%. Bryan also managed to get 215 new subscribers within the first two days, implying a conversion rate of 12%.


  • SAP



Recently, software solutions provider SAP leveraged influencer content marketing for the purpose of promoting their 2016 Saphire conference, an event that draws over 20,000 attendees each year and brings together partners, customers and user groups to share best practices and new product developments.  

By partnering with influencers from numerous industries, SAP was able to develop an authoritative content for the Sapphire conference. Using live videos on their Facebook page, they engaged successfully with virtual audiences. These videos included interviews with influencers, who gladly shared their expertise on poignant topics. 

Not surprisingly, the content managed to reach over 80,000 people.

  1. Jon Cooper’s guest post on link building

Jon Cooper, who authors the link building blog – Point Blank SEO – catapulted his site traffic and attracted new users via guest blogging. His enlightening post on link building was initially published on YouMoz before being promoted on Moz.

Just a day after his post got promoted on the main blog, the traffic yielded in close to 400 new visitors in just one day. This pose still directs traffic into his blog regularly, demonstrating the power of content promotion via influencer marketing.



  • Facebook Live


Facebook Live is bringing about a major transformation in the landscape of Facebook marketing by opening up new outlets for different styles of video content. The efficacy of live format is evidenced in the fact that people spend much more time on live videos (about 3 times) as they do on videos that are not live.

In the recent past, many brands have approached Facebook Live as a podium to fructify their influencer marketing endeavors. By leveraring the Facebook Live format to work using influencers with stable audiences, brands find it easier to expand their reach to their consumers.

Examples include Laura Clery’s live streaming campaign on Facebook for Best Friends and the live video of Who What Wear for Saks Fifth Avenue.


  1. Instagram

Over the past 6 months, Instagram has added more than 10 million users with no imminent signs of abating. Instagram has more than 600 million users of which, 400 million access it every day. It is by far, one of the most effective ways of leveraging influencer marketing.

As a matter of fact, Instagram influencer marketing has the potential to touch $ 2 billion by 2019. The future for influencer marketing is only looking brighter thanks to the recent launch of Instagram Live Stories, which promises to entice its user base. Factors like improved search tools, bigger audience and more understandable engagement metrics make it an ideal choice for influencers.



  • National Geographic and Microsoft


On the International Women’s Day, Microsoft joined hands with National Geographic’s ever-growing influence on social media in addition to some globally-renowned adventure photographers to create an Instagram marketing campaign named ‘Make What’s Next’.  

As many as 30 pictures were posted on five Instagram channels of The National Geogrpahic by many popular photographers, some of which were connected with the National Geographic.

The result? These pictures got more than 3.5 million likes and over 1000 pieces of content was created on Instagram.


  • H&M’s Holiday Clothing Line Campaign


H&M leveraged numerous celerity influencers to promote its Holiday Clothing line via social media. By collaborating with celebrity influencers, H&M came up with four engaging video ads showcasing its new holiday outfits to more than 12 million consumers.

The celebrity influencers included Peyton List, Tyler Posey, Hannah Simone and Jana Kramer



  • Maybeline’s campaign in the New York Fashion Week


Fashion brand Maybeline integrated social media influence marketing beautifully during their 2016 Fashion Week campaign to reach millions of users via social media. They also encapsulated seamlessly integrated influencers into an otherwise rigid industry.

Maybelline worked with 15 beauty experts and social media influencers from 15 countries. At the end of their campaign, they reached over 13.9 million users worldwide. The total number of likes attributed to these influencers touched almost 3.6 million.

10 B2B Influencer Marketing Examples you need to Know
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