Social media is an integral part of global digital marketing. While all prominent and not-so-prominent brands have a strong presence on social media, not all of them seem to be utilizing these amazingly effective marketing platforms to the maximum.

Now, leveraging social media as a profitable platform is both a science and an art that necessitates an insightful understanding about their essence, purpose and mechanism. It also demands a proactive approaching in reading the minds of those who use social media (potential customers, in other words) platforms on an everyday basis.

The burgeoning growth of relevant social media remains a new phenomenon. By relevant, we mean this- Until a few years back, the number of ‘Followers’ or ‘Likes’ on social media sites like Facebook was more of an amusement factor than anything else. However, all of that has changed big time. These days, a large following on social media is viewed as a tangible, verifiable benchmark of your brand’s credibility in the market.

Despite this not so quiescent shift, many major brands who are ideally places to leverage the power of the social media continue to invest their trust in old-school marketing strategies, and that is not a good idea. Times are changing rapidly.

Regardless of whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have an already successful business, here are 10 social media strategies you must leverag.

1. Chatbots

Have you considered using chatbots as an indispensable component part of your social media strategy? If you’re still in doubt, read on further.

Chatbots are automated systems that utilize AIT to mimic human conversations. Embedded into messaging apps that address user queries without depending on human assistance, bots are becoming an increasingly popular social media option for most brands. Currently, there are over 30,000 active chatbots in the Facebook Messenger.


• Chatbots is similar to interacting with a human without the nuisance factors associated with marketing

• They provide quick answers to basic questions and relay information with pinpoint accuracy

• They harness the immense potential of direct messaging

• The growing popularity of messaging apps augurs well for chatbots. A recent study by Retale pointed said about 60% of millenials has already used chatbots and another 71% are willing to try out bots launched by big brands.

• They are fast to build

• Many tools allow you to make bots without any coding

2. Focus more on content than promotion

Yes, this sounds like a beaten-to-death cliché, but you really can’t undermine the importance of good quality.

Creating top-notch quality content is the best social media strategy you can undertake. If you want more followers and subscribers, focus on delivering great content that people relate to and actually utilize.

Many major brands erroneously spend a small fraction of money on creating high-quality content, and end up allocating a major chunk of their funds into social platforms. Instead, spend 90% of your money in creating a good content (product/service) and 10% on promoting it.

3. Banner-branded ads

Facebook is increasingly leaning towards video content. Facebook feeds flash banner-branded ads written in a friendly, informal manner. More and more people prefer this form of promotion as opposed to a tedious copy.

Business would do well to embrace this promotion style for smaller-sized content owing to its growing popularity and ability to engage your audience for a long time.

4. Leverage social media intelligently

The investment by major brands on social media is likely to increase from 10% currently to 20% by 2021. However, will this actually improve their performance?

Sadly, many so-called experts don’t seem to take social media seriously enough. They opine that merely making an odd post or comment will do the trick.

No, not really.

To truly maximize the unending potential so social media, focused effort needs to be put in via calibrated planning, in-depth research and consistent promotion of top-quality content. In some cases, large brands fail miserably, whereas tiny companies manage to attract a massive following simply because they know how to utilize social media judiciously and effectively.

5. Tell stories as opposed to selling stuff

Utilizing social media for the sole purpose of selling products can cause more harm than good for your brand. Instead, focus on telling stories that people are interested in and relate to. Human nature is such that it loves stories about failure and success alike.

People visit social media sites to learn new things in the form of shares, posts and uploads. To maximize the scope of social medial, learn how to narrate s story before going on to sell stuff.

When you do that, people will inevitably get interested in you as well as your brand.

6. Collaborate

Collaborating with others is a great way of increasing your presence on social media platforms effectively. Find some important influencers in your domain and team up with them to chalk out a common growth-fuelling strategy.

It is yet another strategy that deserves more attention simply because collaboration allows you to benefit from each other’s credibility and following, thus augmenting your own visibility.

7. Copywriting

Regardless of whether it’s a blog article, video script, or a post on Facebook/Twitter with a CTA (such as a ‘buy now’ button or newsletter subscription), copywriting is about making people do what you’d want them to do without sounding intrusive or inconsiderate.

Contrary to popular belief, a great copy is one the most profitable investments by translating into increased conversions and sales.

8. Sensible influencer marketing

While investing on influencer marketing per se may not guarantee great results as a standalone strategy, it does go a long way in reinforcing your brand’s authenticity and reputation. In the existing competitive landscape, consumers are more than capable of sniffing half-baked promises from some distance.

Therefore, incorporate influencer marketing in a subtle manner to leave a strong, long-term impact on the customers’ psyche. When done right, it can be a potent strategy for brand promotion.

9. Social listening

Last but never the least, practicing social listening should also be an integral component of your social media strategy. To know more about the issues, topics and keywords your targeted audience is interested in, you’ve got to listen to them and their needs.

As you do that, you’ll be better equipped to provide them with helpful, practical and meaningful information. To that end, you can use a number of social analytics and listening tools to collate and analyze data in the context of social media.

10. User-generated content

There’s nothing like empowering users by letting post or share what they want – at the end of the day, it’s all about users, customers, clients; however you may want to put it.

Add some panache to your marketing strategy by re-uploading or re-tweeting content sent by your users about your product or brand. While it won’t do a lot with regard to driving sales per se, it will show that you actually care about your followers, which, in turn, will catapult your brand image by generating a lot of goodwill

And, goodwill never fails.

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Companies
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