Intel Galileo board is a 32-bit Pentium board that is the first Intel board designed to support both the hardware and the software of Uno r3. It is based on x86 architecture and was specially made for the purpose of education. It came in two editions the gen 1 and the gen 2. But now as the technology has advanced to a great extent the requirement for this has reduced a lot. Now mainly these are used for the purpose of making projects by the engineering students to make their projects. With the help of the Intel Galileo many IOT projects can be made which can be interesting. Here I will discuss about 25 IOT projects ideas that can be made with the help of the Intel Galileo.

1.     Make a temperature display with the help of the Intel Galileo

If you are a beginner in making projects then this particular one is the perfect and the most suitable one. To make a temperature display using the Intel Galileo board you will need an Intel Galileo board (both gen1 and gen 2 will do), a temperature sensor and an LCD RGB to display the temperature. This one basically gives you the room temperature. You will also require generating a code in the simplest manner. You can take the help of an Arduino IDE along with your Intel board to generate the code.

Now all you need to do is just connect the temperature sensor and the LCD RGB to the base Shield and after that connect your Intel board to a power supply. The power supply should be of about 8- 14V. After you are done with the connecting part, just upload the code that you have generated on your Arduino IDE. Bingo you are done with your project of using the board to make a temperature display. You can now see your room temperature with the device in use.

2.     Make a smart coffee maker with the help of the Intel Galileo gen2.

Imagine you have to go to your kitchen to make coffee every time but here in this project I will discuss about how you can make your own smart coffee machine by which it is possible for you to have your coffee ordered from the bedroom. You will simply need Intel Galileo gen 2, a coffee maker with a serial port, a Twitter account and the things you require to make your coffee. With the help of the Intel Galileo board and with the Python you can get access to a very simple Twitter API application. All you need to do is to get your Intel Galileo ready and get the Linux image of the last use of your Galileo board and then by putting it on micro SD card and by booting it you are ready to the setup of your Intel Galileo board. Next you’ll require to do is just attach the coffee maker to your Galileo board using normal pins. After you are done with the attachment then all you need to do is to upload the python-twitter script so that you can get yourself registered and make your own application. Just like the previous project you need to upload the code generated by the Arduino sketch and you are ready with your smart coffee maker. Order your first coffee using the web app and enjoy Coffee directly without investing much time.

3.     Make a smart greenhouse

Making a smart greenhouse might look very difficult part using Intel Galileo gen 2 and the other things required for making a Greenhouse for example of water pump, a heater device, a Micro SD card, a sensor ,a soil moisture sensor etc to make the smart greenhouse at a very low budget. Just getting things ready assemble everything according to the way you make a Greenhouse and you are ready by making your own smart greenhouse. So now you can think smart and growth smartly in your smart greenhouse.

4.     Make a reading watch

Lack of time is one of the biggest problems of today for which we are constantly getting away from reading. The main creating reading what is to enable you read something but something that is always on your ban on liquor wristband which you can easily remove and input on. All you need to make this is an Intel Galileo, a display module, a set of male and female jumper wires, a magnet, silicon, tin plate and a sharp knife. Accordingly and upload this software and you already with your Smart Watch app that can help you reading anytime and anywhere that can be put on and removed as easily and is easy to carry on than your books.

5.     Make a 3D printer

Make a 3D printer that will be more cost efficient and easy to use. With the help of an Intel Galileo and other parts you can build a 3D printer yourself and save some money and also use can use this as an idea for your project to achieve higher scores.

6.     Make an USB webcam streamer.

Webcam streaming is one of the modern things that all of us are aware of. By using simple codes and an Intel Galileo we can make an USB webcam streamer which will help us to make our webcams stream easily. It is a very interesting work and the making of it is not much complicated. This one will be cheaper than the USB webcam streamers available in the market.

7.     Make a motion activated light.

Before starting off with the doing of this project it may come to mind about the requirement of making a motion activated light. But imagine when you come home you always have to look for the switch board to put on the lights. But if you have this one as you walk the way it gets lighten up. Interesting isn’t it? With some simple steps and simple codes and with an Intel Galileo you can make up the motion-activated lights. The command codes are really simple for this project and all you need to do is arrange a good motion sensor.

8.     Make a garage monitor

Often we tend to forget about closing our car doors after we park it in our garage. But with the help of a garage monitor you can now see from your home if any door is left open. With the help of a Intel Galileo and the python along with some alarm bells it is one of the most easiest and useful things to make.

9.     Make a robot that follows the light.

Imagine you can control and make a robot for yourself and you can simply control it by commands that are fed on a lighting system. With the help of the Intel Galileo it is very easy to make this. But this is a little difficult project and some complex commands are required for the making and completion of this project.

10.                       Make an electric soldering helper

If you are a gadget man then you must need a soldering machine very frequently. What if you can make a soldering helper which runs on electric and. A very simple project and very easy to make and handle. The commands are also simple and this is a saviour to those who needs the soldering machine to make you dream gadgets. This will be a great helping hand to you.

11.                       Make an alarm clock

Say you always do not want to keep an eye on your alarm clock and want to change the alarm timings frequently. With the help of the Intel Galileo and some easy and simple codes you can easily change your alarm timing by commands. This is a really smart and easy project to do.

12.                       Make your camera shoot time lapse video in your absence.

A very easy and interesting thing where you can link your camera to your Intel Galileo board and upload codes so that you can shoot time lapse videos in your absence only by the commands put in for set up for. This is a very basic and easy project for the beginners to start with.

13.                       Make your own weather station

You always do not get a chance to stay updated about the weather conditions. What if you can have a clear idea about the upcoming weather update so that you can be prepared for it? Making your own weather station is although not a very simple but a complex project but with a little dedication, you can make your own weather station with the help of the Intel Galileo.


14.                       Make a moisture sensor.

Although this is not of much use in practicality but for fun and gaining experience before you start making difficult projects like weather station with your Intel Galileo this is the best. A simple moisture sensor attached to the Intel Galileo and a few codes applied to will help you to make a moisture sensor.

15.                       Make your own automated garden.

Are you interested in gardening but you do not get time for it? Do not worry now with the help of the Intel Galileo you can now make a garden and make it automatic for maintenance. For the purpose of making your automated garden you do not need much of your time and brain invested. With simple codes, you can now make your garden maintenance automatic.

16.                       Battle cars for kids

Remember playing the car fight. But now you do not need to run around with your car just by the help of the Intel Galileo you can control your cars from the chair you are sitting. It is good for the kids playing and also is cheaper than the battery operated cars.

17.                       Make the internet cable.

The price of the internet cables can be quite pinching if you need a long one. But the Intel Galileo along with other components helps you to create your own internet cable at a low cost. This is one of the easiest projects to start with.

18.                       Build a self-balancing robot

Is there no more space in your home to adjust a wardrobe? With the help of the Intel Galileo, you can now make a self-balancing robot that will act as a shelf and also where you can keep up your things with ease. But remember this is not an easy project.

19.                       Use it to help in your visual programming work.

You can use your Intel Galileo to help you out with you works in visual programming. Although this one of the really tough projects to do yet when you become a little handy with the codes of the Intel Galileo then this will be of great use to you.

20.                       Control a robotic arm

Using the Intel Galileo you can control a robotic arm and make it functional according to your own wish with the help of the codes and commands. If you do not have a good grip on the codes and commands then this will be a difficult one for you but otherwise this is a very useful project that can be made with the Intel Galileo.

21.                       Make virtual musical instruments that are powered by the Intel Galileo

If you are a music lover and you do not have much access to the instruments then with the help of the Intel Galileo create the virtual musical instruments and play then with the codes on your Intel Galileo.

22.                       Make a post man that is virtual

The main work of a virtual post man is to bridge the gap between the physical receiving of mails and receiving emails. This can be done with the help of the Intel Galileo. This is although not a very difficult project but requires a strong grip on the code generating process.

23.                       Make a burglar alarm

With the help of the Intel Galileo and a few sensors you can easily create a burglar alarm that rings every time someone new enters the house. Easy to make but needs a good grip on the assembly process and the connection since a lot of connections are to be made for this.

24.                       Control things that are connected to the board via AWS

All sensors and all the activities connected to your Intel board can be controlled by the simple MQTT messages from AWS.

25.                       Make a server

With the help of the Intel Galileo board make your own server or data centre for multiple computers with the help of Linux, Microsoft, etc. This is not an easy thing to make but once you are good with the codes you can easily do it.

25 Internet of Things IoT Project Ideas using Intel Galileo
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