ravi mittal founder vuukle
Ravi does have what is called “reality distortion field”

I first met Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO, Vuukle during my cool off period (after getting burnt at my first startup). He was struggling to build Vuukle into the wildly successful technology company that it is today. What caught my eye (and surprises me to this date) was the rare combination of energy and focus with which Ravi gave his elevator pitch.

Vuukle, today, is the fastest growing audience engagement platform for publishers worldwide. But, in 2013, Vuukle was a small startup trying to get a market fit with its commenting widget. How did Ravi Mittal do it? I consult occasionally for Vuukle in technology and product. Over the years I closely watched Ravi work and gained insight into how he does his magic.

Have One Single Priority (wtf is work-life balance!)

You cannot have priorities. You can only have one single priority. Just one. And, for Ravi that is Vuukle. No matter how many struggles he faced in his personal life, Ravi never let Vuukle take a back seat. Today, he daily demonstrates that same commitment. One hundred percent. Every day.

Never Give Up (mostly)

This is a cliche for a reason. It works (most of the time). The folks at Freakonomics made a strong case for giving up once in a while but Ravi doesn’t read fluff. Starting out at Vuukle, Ravi had to go through countless meeting and presentations before he acquired The Hindu as his first big client win. Today, Vuukle is well poised to usurp the throne of user engagement from Disqus, the reigning champion.

Choice of Technology (tried and tested, no fooling around)

Growing up, Ravi was a fan of Bill Gates, not Steve Jobs. Perhaps, you can guess why (Hint: count the money). Even today, Ravi uses Windows on his machine, .NET for his application layer and will never touch unproven tech like nodeJS with a stick. This might make him less adventurous but guarantees that his clients get only the most battle tested technology from Vuukle.

Have a sense of humor

ravi mittal founder vuukle
Ravi still has hopes of going into stand-up comedy one day

Tech industry’s gain was stand-up comedy’s loss. Ravi is always the wittiest guy in the room. His ready sense of humor helps make light of the gravest situation. So, when his clients give him shit or the database server behaves funny in the middle of the night, Ravi is able to put things in the right perspective. Then he cracks a joke and goes about fixing stuff.

4 Things I learned from Ravi Mittal, Founder, Vuukle
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