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27 Million Pieces of Online Content Is Shared Daily in the U.S. 60% of Content-Sharing Messages Specifically Mention a Brand or Product Name. In 2016, 36% of Fortune 500 companies have a public blog. 78% of companies that update their blogs daily have acquired a customer from their blog. 70-80% of users ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results.

Blogging works and it is here to stay!

You are churning content week after week but there isn’t any change in your traffic. Your story doesn’t get likes or shares and you are sitting there, hand over your head, wondering why your blog sucks! Every time you hit the publish button, you hear a voice telling you that the story isn’t good enough. Every blogger and publishers worst nightmare. We get it. According to Marketing Profs, the top three reasons consumers share content online are to entertain (44%), to educate (25%), and to reflect their identity (families, friendships, values, etc – 20%)  There are multiple factors that could result in non-performance of your blog, content being just one. Let us lay facts without sugar coating it and see why your blog engagement sucks and how you can fix it.

No Clear Plan

61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog – Fact Browser

You are itching to write a blog and have a topic in mind. Hold on. Take a step back and see if you have a content strategy in place. Understanding your target audience, your competition, their pain points and reflect the need of the user in your content. If your content strategy is not in place, you will end up sending mixed messages to your customers and it would look like you are trying to sell chicken to vegans!

Use a content calendar plan. The Curata template is a good place to start with. Know your target persona before writing the topic of your blog. Include the keywords you want to use. That way you can curate content to your readers and create a personalized feel.

Website is not User-Friendly

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Click To Tweet

Having a user-friendly website will create a positive experience for your visitors. Unlike a physical shop where your sales executive can help your visitor navigate and shop with you, a lost or a frustrated visitor online will not come back to your site and you will not know why. In a research conducted by Hubspot, 76% of the visitors ranked ‘ease of finding’ as the top when they use a website.

Make your website responsive, provide a search option for easy navigation, share contact details so they can reach you easily, integrate a live chat function, provide direct links and keep a tab on your website loading time.

No Social Share Button

If you write great content but don’t have the option to share it, what will your readers do? Do you think they will copy your url and paste it in social media? Wrong! Customers do not like to jump too many hoops. With the help of social sharing buttons, you are making them share your content easily. Want to increase your pageviews? Want to create virality? Introduce social sharing in your blogs. Vuukle’s power bar loads really fast and also show individual share counts without slowing down your page. Every time a visitor shares your content on social media, search engine regards your content as relevant and ranks you on top in search – which means good SEO! The best part? Vuukle’s social sharing bar is easy to integrate.

Did you know?

Brands that create 15 blog posts a month & allows social sharing generate 1200 new leads? State of Inbound… Click To Tweet

Choose the Right Comment Box

Opinions are great! We love to give feedback and express how we feel about a story online. But with increase in the amount of trolls online, people are unwilling to put themselves out there for everyone to see.  No one wants to get picked on, trolled upon and be treated badly. Facebook comments plugin allows users to comment using their social media profiles. While this may work for few publishers, not all readers are comfortable revealing their social identity online. A large number of users are reluctant to express how to feel about your blog openly and therefore turn into silent spectators! Choose a plugin that allows users to either comment anonymously or with the help of their social media profile. Vuukle’s comment box is an audience engagement system with widgets for commenting , sharing, recommend stories, and emoticons. This easy to use widget can be integrated into your blog with zero technical expertise. 

Comment box helps in cultivating relationships with your readers and therefore it is important to place your comment box right after the story for readers to see. 

Fonts are too small

If you think the choice of web fonts is minor, think again. Fonts impact how visitors approach your blog. When you write interesting content but use a size 10 font, it is a struggle for them to read.

You don’t expect readers to carry a magnifying lens for sure. Blogs generally are longer and simple fonts would work best in creating an engaging online presence. Fjord and Gentium Basic are two great fonts to consider for your blog.

No Clear Call to Action

Call to actions are an absolute must when you blog. A good call to action converts a visitor into a warm lead and then a hot prospect and eventually, a customer. Based on your end goal, you can design your call to action (CTA) that would fit into your marketing strategy. Without a clear call to action, readers will leave your blog after getting the necessary information. There are different types of CTA’s to consider. To name a few,

Social follows – ask your customer to follow you on social media

Subscribe – Get their email address to subscribe to your mailing list

Social share – Tweet your post on their twitter again

Comment – Ask for feedback

And more…

Before you hit the publish button, think about what you really want your visitor to do.

Ready to create kick-ass blogs?

7 Reasons Why Your Blog Engagement Sucks and here’s how you can Fix it
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