It was announced recently that Delhi’s CP i.e. Connaught place is going to be vehicle free from February and when this news busted that CP i.e. Connaught place will be a car-free zone from next month, without any delay people on the social media implied diverse responses about this step. The government has affirmed that there will be no vehicular movement in the interior circles of the iconic marketplace and will be a pedestrian precinct merely and this move is intended at decongesting and dropping pollution in the crammed full area.

M .Venkaiah Naidu, union urban development minister permitted the plan, underneath which populace driving to Connaught Place will park their vehicles at selected slots at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Palika and Shivaji Stadium, as per the estimates 3172 cars can be accommodated at these parking lots. An UD ministry official alleged the pilot project will analyze transformation in traffic distribution after pedestrianization of CP. He also said ‘it would also study the experience of pedestrians and shop owners, management of reclaimed parking lots and the traffic load on the outer circle’. Official added that’ Naidu had directed officials to ensure that CP is made congestion free, crime free and accident-free’.

NDMC official and police have well-versed the ministry that the unutilized facility would be entirely used by endorsing park and ride. There will be cycles on hire and numerous battery operated vehicles for shoppers and visitors to budge around Connaught Place. According to officials if the traffic graph becomes enduring, it would open up liberty and space for landscaping and assembling of water bodies to proceed as humidifiers in walking plaza.
According to many sources, it is now clear that matter such as pedestrian safety, the possibility of hawkers captivating over old parking lots and the panic of traders and shop holders that they would lose business and anxieties over augment in traffic on the outer area were being addressed to craft the proposal victorious. However, Naresh Kumar, chairman of NDMC i.e. New Delhi Municipal Council told recently that ‘we have to be pragmatic and if the situation goes haywire then we might have to call it off earlier. Execution is definitely a challenge and we are hopeful it will definitely work’.

Actually, this vehicle free zone is an admired perception abroad such as London, Copenhagen, and Montreal in Canada have regions where no vehicles are permitted, various cities in Europe and Asia too also has car free zones. Many people consider that Delhi needs such zones where people can walk without thinking that any vehicle is going to zooming beside them and since the place is a shopping spot and the main tourist attraction, it’s not that big as nearly everyone can walk that distance except physical disabled. This decision will also make Connaught place the pollution free and hence the environment will definitely become customer friendly for marketing and it could be the primary step towards unclogging Delhi and it will prove to be a very admirable move.

This article was originally published at NB Global Media

Connaught Place in Delhi to become a Car Free Zone
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