Vuukle served 46 billion recommendations and 7.7 billion Ad impressions for around 3000 publishers worldwide in 2016. While doing this we maintained a 99.99% up-time, survived 4.4 billion HTTP requests and consumed 64 TB bandwidth! We had our data analysts run through this behemoth of data and interviewed industry experts (some of them our clients). Then we let them all throw around their weight to come up with the most comprehensive list of content publishing predictions for 2017. We know that every Jack and his Aunt has come with a list too but if there is one list that you must read, it is right here. Vuukle has got all the punditry figured out for you.

Content Publishing Predictions for 2017

6. Deeper Content Personalization

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Content Personalization

The more connected we grow, the more solipsistic we become. Humongous data available today enables ads to be shown to the right guy at the right time, both across the web and specifically on social networks. Increasingly, you are publishing huge amounts of content. But are you ensuring that this is put in front of the right eyeballs at the right time on the right medium?

There is so much choice for the reader that if you don’t personalize and focus on a specific target, you are less likely to engage her. Niche content, interactive content, exclusive content innovative campaigns: it’s all part of the game of content, trying to attract finite attention in a continually shrinking space.

5. Rise of the chatbots

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Chatbots

We are still a long way from being able to shout our robots around and get a hot cup of Latte! No matter how much you talk to Siri and Cortana, chances are slim that you can get everything done by speaking (or typing). That skepticism well appreciated, this year we shall see more traditional interfaces succumbing to the chat interface. A billion users each on WhatsApp and FB Messenger are getting just too much practice on a new UX for it not spill over onto other applications.

This has implications for everybody in the content publishing industry. Most of the activity on chatbots that are not under your control could very well become “dark”. What is your strategy to harness the chatbots for your publishing business? Let us know in the comments below.

4.Virtual/Augmented Reality aka The Matrix

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Virtual Reality 2017 Predictions

True that you have been hearing some variation of this prediction for years but last year was the year of Pokemon Go! It was fun, captivating and went mainstream in a big way. Now that millions of cool people have been introduced to augmented reality, this trend is going to swing further up and penetrate mobile apps and social media in apps other than pure gaming. Not going to be a dominant media trend in 2017, but AR/VR shall deliver more than one killer app this year.

3. Baby Robots to your Rescue

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Content Publishing Automation Tools

We shall also see a lot of automation tools (lets just call them baby robots!) that will allow you to successfully leverage the wide array of social media available at the push of your thumb. These tools will fetch the latest happenings and summarize them for you. This will allow you to quickly create the latest viral sensation without taking your thumb off your mobile screen!

2. Unconventional Marketing is here to stay (and grow)

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Unconventional Marketing

Gone are the days of cleverly hiding click buttons to your Adsense ads, the reader today was not born yesterday! Marketing has evolved and the real game has just begun. Watch as content marketing in all its avatars will outgrow traditional advertising. Marketing with memes, GIFs, videos, influencers, anything that goes viral without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Video will seize the Iron throne

Content Publishing Predictions 2017: Vuukle Live Video Streaming

Technologies change fast. People don’t change that much (they still love dragons in 21st century!). Before the internet revolution, we consumed more video and less text. Why should the Internet change the evolution of millions of years in human behavior! In 2016, we witnessed the rise of video but the best is yet to come. This has implications for publishers, marketers, the entire ecosystem.

In 2017, live streaming and video sharing is going to take off like a Space X rocket headed for Mars! More apps, story telling and engagement is going to be at the core of this unprecedented video creation and consumption. We have reached the tipping point where video has become social and it shall continue its rise unabated.

Content Publishing: Predictions for 2017 by Vuukle
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  • February 6, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for the analysis. IMO, video is going to be the winner and we, at Vuukle, are preparing for it


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