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According to Behaviour Economics, the “Interaction on a digital platform is much easier because a computer does not require intellectual or emotional association.” The number of individuals on the Internet is in Billions which includes all kind of people. Social interaction rules the roost, helps to promote business to a huge crowd. Facebook and Google are the most dominant in the Digital Publishing sector.

They have more than 80% of the digital ad revenues. They both have one-fifth of the global ad revenue, which currently accounts to $106.3 billion. On the other hand, digital publishers have failed to adapt to the changing methods as they are still following their archaic systems and modules. It is a high time for them to learn and understand the importance and the contribution of social interaction through digital advertisement.

Digital Publishing – Understanding the Struggle

The pace at which Facebook and Google are increasing their Digital advertisement share in the market would soon reach more than 90% market share on global scale as it has reached in USA. This leaves millions of digital publishers squabbling over the remains and trying to become the winners.

Digital Publishing Contribution in USA. Source: Morgan Stanley Research

What they don’t understand is they have already lost the pieces and are competing over bits and pieces. If the publishers don’t modernize themselves and get their game on par, the struggle is only going to get intense between each other without any effect on the Giants.

Learning from the Giants themselves

How do you know where you are lacking? How do you adapt? You do so by observing what is working for the winners. Let’s have a look at what are Google and Facebook the best at.

Google offers search. That’s its main tool along with the myriad list of the numerous other services. Then we have Facebook which is the biggest social giant at the moment. Facebook has mastered the art of social interaction and both of them have billions of users.

What both these giants have done is offer the user the freedom. To look for whatever they want, interact, engage, post, be the creators. They have let the users loose who build their own communities and have multiple tools for engagement. This is what makes the audience stay.

The problem with the Publishers

Publishers create a whole lot of content. They seek control over what happens with the content and everything about it. In this digital age with hyper social presence, the publisher is not ready to give the users the required freedom.

What they need to do is let ‘free’. Let the audience have some freedom. Provide better facilities to engage and allow for community building. They need to imbibe the tricks of social interaction in their own way and awake from the out-dated slumber.

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While many publishers rue the fact that they aren’t tech companies and cannot compete with those, what they forget is

Vuukle Audience Engagement provides the technology stack and platform built for digital publishers and with a successful track record of driving user engagement and growth.

Vuukle proves to be different than what Facebook and Google have to offer.

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It gives users the freedom to create their own world but also gives power to the publishers to restrict the user from creating fake, false and unrequired content. This would protect the interest of the publishers as well as provide a true and unbiased content to all the users. With the help of Vuukle publishers can start getting their social interaction game to a higher and better level.

The Next Big Thing

Additionally, publishers need to understand that they are the true creators of content. If only they could get social interaction going, it’s very much possible to start getting the revenues back. It’s not impossible. Many newcomers like Instagram and Snapchat with their innovative ways did manage to carve out a section of the revenue pie. While they are not publishers, they certainly prove that it is possible to get back into the game. Vuukle can be the next big player in a digital advertisement which would help to distribute the revenues to bottom most contributing segment.

Vuukle can be the next big player in a digital advertisement which would help to distribute the revenues to bottom most contributing segment.

eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar has quoted

“We have the technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people”

which can become true for Vuukle in the field of digital advertisement.


Publishers hold the ultimate power today and need a powerful tool. You grant them the ability to interact and put forth their creativity, you become a fun place to be and you will start gaining the foothold back. Use the various tech services which are on offer especially to aid digital publishers in acing the game and remove the old methods of publishing.

A partner like Vuukle would help the publishers get more revenue for their work rather than the revenue being concentrated in the hands of few.

Digital Publishing: Why a good social interaction is a must in the digital age?

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