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In case you are late to the party, let me officially announce that the B2B and B2C have merged into a continuum of B2BC – Business to Business and Consumer. In retrospect, this was inevitable. As the arbitrary distinctions between a consumer and a business got blurry and the Indian E-commerce scene exploded, everyone from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal to Shopclues is B2BC. Interestingly, this distinction never held much water for Evelta, India’s fastest growing online electronics components seller. The team at Evelta were equally focused on selling to the lone electronics hobbyist and the product manager of a large electronics manufacturer and everyone in between from day one.

You could be looking for a single quantity of energy saving multi-layer ceramic capacitor for your college project. Or, you want to negotiate pricing for a bulk order of Arduino boards. The folks at Evelta are equally accommodating. For the former, the website has scores of tutorials and technical articles and for the latter, they will quickly get on the phone with the best price you can find on the internet.

Evelta pretty much takes care of all your electronic component needs. The main focus of Evelta is on customer satisfaction and expert technical support. Be it a PCB board or an optical sensor, everything is stocked in-house. Quality assurance and guarantee for genuine products is what makes this organization stand out of the crowd. Dive into the world of electronics with Evelta and find whatever related stuff you are looking for.

Here, you can find sensors that are required for manufacturing various medical devices and microcontrollers for designing electronic gadgets. You can get a wide range of motors that are used in different electrical and automation equipments. No matter you are a retailer or a whole seller, you can find every types of electrical equipment easily at reasonable prices. Quality assurance and most competitive price is what Evelta assures its customers.

Evelta: B2BC Electronic Components Seller

At Evelta, we stock the store with components that are categorized and rated in terms of voltage, resistance, dielectric, capacitance, type of packaging and other specifications. The filters on the website will help define your keywords as per your required specifications and narrow the search results. Finding an item under a specific category is convenient and easy.

Range Of Products

The company sells a wide range of electronic and electrical components. Furthermore, it sells its array of electronic items directly to consumers and businesses as well. The main electronic components that you can readily get at Evelta are:

Popular In Demand Components and Microchips

Here are some of the most popular components and microchips that were top sellers at Evelta in 2016.


A wide variety of sensors are available at Evelta. They care categorized as Biomedical sensors, current sensors, humidity sensors, Hall sensors, optical sensors, sound sensors, temperature sensors. There is a high demand for receptive sensors for use in various applications. For instance, an IR sensor can be used for operating TV remote, temperature sensor in thermometers and thermistors.

Board kits and Programmers

These are the building blocks of all automated electronic assemblies. You will get all kinds board kits and programmers like Arduino, Intel, and other microcontrollers. Get all genuine and guaranteed range of kits and programmers.

Transistors and MOSFETs

These are one of the significant elements that are used in designing any embedded system. You do need a MOSFET for developing any electronic project, be it a light intensity control or any max generator applications.


DC Motor, Servo Motor, Shaft Motor and many more, you name it and we have it. With powerful and sturdy body, these offer amazing torque at competitive prices. You can use them in your mini robots or lather designs too.

Bluetooth Modules and RF Devices

Evelta has a range of popular small sized Serial Port Protocol (SPP) Bluetooth Modules with TTL interface. It is very easy to use and available at economical prices. These can work as Slave module only; as these come pre-configured. Also, we have remarkable quality of RF modules that you can use for N-number of applications.

Smart Card Readers

A smart card reader interfaces with a computer for its processing requirements. A terminal is a processing device which along with a reader is used used to read and write on smart cards. Evelta has stock of all types of smart card readers which include contact, contact less, and interface types. These card programmers are a type of portable data cards that are used to communicate with another device to get access to another device such as a display device or a maybe a network. You can plug these smart cards into a card terminal, or it can operate with specific radio frequencies.

In addition to the above mentioned products, Evelta provides a unique inventory program to the clients that eases the process of buying. Talk to us or send us a quick email to [email protected] with your requirement and we will get right back.

What is Evelta: A B2BC Online Electronics Components Seller
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