Integrating Digital & Traditional Marketing for an Optimum Marketing Mix

Did anyone tell you that traditional marketing is dead? Digital strategies, content authority and social media campaigns are some of the standards for judging the marketers, right? However, it’s not true. In the rush for driving likes, tweets, reviews and ratings, marketers at most times overlook the traditional tactics, which are still effective for motivating the desired behaviors within consumers.

At Digipush, we believe marketing is more than just employing buzzwords for impressing fellow professionals. It is more about evolving with a cohesive approach, using the perfect combination of tools for achieving what you require and providing an amazing experience to your clients.

Marketing is a dynamic niche. It does not stand still waiting for a big disruption. Marketing is evolving, as we speak, by blending digital marketing and traditional marketing techniques for creating effective marketing strategies. Though some of the traditional marketing techniques are declared dead, they could still engage the consumers effectively, particularly when paired with the modern and advanced technology. Using a blend of traditional and digital marketing is an effective manner for the purpose of marketing, far more beneficial than using either of them on its own.

Discover what works best for you

The traditional marketing tactics such as print collateral, television ads, mailings and billboards all have high success rates historically. Lately, the success rates have been falling for these mediums, and the solution appears to be blending both the marketing techniques. Digital media, however, comparatively new to the traditional media, could offer a company with more exposure and better interaction with its customers. Marketing through email lists, social media, or online ads is also less expensive significantly and more assessable than the traditional media. Digipush employs both of these marketing techniques together so that the advantages of both techniques could be enjoyed while they recompense for the weaknesses of each other.

Weigh your options before investing

While the new digital methods work well, it’s risky to employ them completely substituting the traditional methods, particularly since each of the techniques appeals to a diverse set of audiences. Combining these two marketing techniques is a great way for accessing the larger audience. Here are few ways where these two approaches work together for maximizing the power of your marketing exertions:

  1. Active and Passive

Traditional marketing is usually assumed to be passive, while the digital marketing involves the audience actively. It really enables the both the techniques for complementing each other, functioning together for achieving the objectives of the company. While print advertisements and television are useful in distributing information, they could also include a message for looking for more information on a website, the “call to action” of sorts.

  1. Several Channels

Employing both the traditional and digital marketing techniques enables the message of the company to be blown out throughout different channels. Based on the target market, media outlets work much better than the others. Nevertheless, everyone is exposed to various different sorts of media, the younger audience is likely to be digitally savvy. By employing both techniques, a company could reach more prospective customers. For an instance, a company which employs multiple channels to its benefit is McDonald’s. As a fast food chain, it uses print ads and billboards for attracting the attention of its potential consumers, however, the company also has a robust online presence, particularly via social media. It enables their message in reaching to all sorts of customers to whom they couldn’t have reached using only one channel.

  1. Extra Personal

Traditional media is a very highly effective way of reaching to a broad base of consumer, however, the digital media is a great way for reaching out to a particular group of audience. Digital marketing could be used for building relationships with the customer that are more relevant and deeper.

Integration of digital media enables the company’s audience and loyal followers in getting involved more personally with the company and the type of lifestyle which it might promote. It is a fun and an effective way of incorporating both the traditional and digital marketing and making the messaging more and more personal.

The Bottom Line

Hence, using digital marketing as a foundation for the offline traditional advertising efforts is quite a logical step. We at Digipush, believe that message needs to be strong and consistent for resonating with the target audience throughout the multiple mediums. Think about the marketing strategy as a stock portfolio where it’s considered best to invest in a bucket of stocks so that one could maximize the gains while minimizing the losses.

Again, each and every industry and company is different. It’s very important to examine the possible promotion mix for understanding which offers the highest ROI. In the marketing industry, there are several self-interested parties which advise a sole promotion mix. The best way to go about it is to test each of them and find it yourself.

The Importance of blending Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing
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