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How to Increase Audience Engagement?

You are putting so much effort for offering your readers great content, and it deserves higher engagement.

Today, the biggest challenge faced by content makers and marketers is to bring out ways that can improve the quality of content and keep the readers engaged. The Web is flooded with blogs and information which brings distraction to the readers very easily. Many sites are able to fascinate readers effortlessly. While some content fails to get even the least number of views.

Here are a few proven tips that can help you increase audience engagement. Check them out!

1. Publish well-researched content which is interesting and makes the readers feel worth sharing

No doubt you are investing your time in bringing out facts that can be useful to the public. But, how well researched is it? Are the facts correlated with figures as well? You need to pay heed to improve things further and make your content good enough so that readers find it compelling to spread your word. This requires investing more time and doing more work out with your content. You can see motivating results with a bit of effort.

2. Compose catchy and striking headlines

Vuukle Increase Audience Engagement Catchy Headlines
Everyone wants to read about Gay Aliens

A book is usually judged by its cover. Same is the case with blogs. Headlines form the basis of success for your content. However, you should also keep in mind, if the content you offer doesn’t keep up with the promise your headline proclaims, sure, you might get a lot of traffic initially but chances are it will reduce over a period of time.

3. Interact with the readers

Interacting with readers is the best way to make way for their heart and mind. You can do so by asking questions via emails that you send to your blog subscribers. You can also ask interactive questions at the end your posts to know the views of your readers.

I love to follow blogs where the writers respond to my comments. Every reader feels more connected when they are able to interact across the Web fence. Make sure that you too reach out to your followers.

4. Embed good number of visuals

Embedding good and engaging visuals of higher-quality visuals can promise appealing and winning content for your visitors. Nearly 46% of visitors rely on the fact that insertion of visual elements in an article is significant in improving its credibility as a whole.

Try to provide delightful website experience to the visitors so that they can divert themselves from their TV, smartphone, and tablet. A picture speaks a thousand words. It really worked for me. You may consider a simple Facebook post. No one will have time to read you whole text, but when you share an image with a short write-up, it immediately gets so many likes and shares. Apply the same technique in your content.

5. Publish as frequently as possible

The frequency of your publishing posts greatly determines viewership of your website. Therefore for effective results, publish posts when your audience is online. This can be anything like creating Facebook posts in the live hours.

Studies conducted by Buddy Media reveal that early posts in the morning and evening hours drive 20% higher engagement than those posted in the working hours of 9 to 5 cycle.

6. Use Cross-Promotion Platforms To Gain Publicity

Platforms like LinkedIn can help you have a wider base of audience easily. LinkedIn leads have proven high conversion rates. Studies also claim that 50% of consumers have greater chances to buy products from a company they follow on LinkedIn.

7. Report Breaking News

Breaking News Audience Engagement
Not only does it drive high traffic, it makes your readers engage more

It is fact that recaps of latest case studies and surveys have the capability to drive audience engagement to your website. Therefore, if you want to rank yourself as one of the pioneers in the field, include the latest industry news before others grab it.

8. Be authentic

Internet savvies and social media users have turned smart enough to easily detect fake news on social media. So better not try to be someone. Your audience will get distracted and diverted to your competitor.

9. Be like Lady Gaga

lady gaga increase audience engagement
Long before the Kardashians took over, Lady Gaga taught us what is possible with fan engagement

Lady Gaga is considered as the Queen of fan engagement. It can prove beneficial if social media marketers take out some time and come up with a campaign to customize advertisements to the followers. It hardly costs much. This will result in creating delighted followers and brand promoters.

10. Use hashtags

Though the trend of hashtags began with Twitter, but it has now extended to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ as well. Hashtags are said to help your content easy to find on searches by anyone with similar interest even if they aren’t your followers on the site. Tweets with hashtags get much more exposure and more retweets.

11. Be consistent

The best and most result oriented way to drive engagement is having a consistency which is more significant than frequency. Being consistent in writing blogs and also posting them on social media can get you good results.

If you tend to write 3 to 4 blog posts for the initial few days and then get hibernated for days and weeks together, your followers will find alternatives in your absence. You may keep your count low but be consistent.

I have observed the same. I used to follow few blog pages and subscribed to some of them too, as they were really informative and interesting. But, after some time, they stopped publishing new posts. And, the same old ones flooded my inbox repeatedly. Ultimately, I had to unfollow them.

12. Respond to negative feedback

Human beings have a tendency to speak on everything, be it good or bad. With blogs, no matter you interact with your followers on social networking sites or not, many would be talking about your brand openly. You need to show them that you care by immediately answering to their complaints and unwelcoming reviews.

13. Join blog communities

Another way of improving the number of social shares and fan following is by joining a blog community. Sites like Blog Engage, Blokube and Indiblogger help in promoting your blog.

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13 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement for Content Publishers
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