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Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015. He is a graduate of the Indian institute of technology Kharagpur and worked in Indian revenue service as a Joint Commissioner of the Income-tax Department New Delhi. In 2012 he launched Aam Aadmi Party. In 1999 Arvind Kejriwal founded Parivartan which is an NGO working to help out the citizens in electricity, food relation related matters and income tax. He also won the Ramson Magsaysay Award in 2006 for emergent Leadership for his involvement to empower the poorest at the working class level and execute the Right to Information Act. He also created a corpus fund with the award money and established the NGO named Public Cause Research Foundation. For the first time he was appointed as the Delhi chief minister on 28th December 2013, after 49 days tenure he decided to resign. After that he again was appointed for Chief Minister of Delhi for the second term in February 2015.

Kejriwal on his oath taking ceremony said’ when such a victory comes, arrogance follows. We need to be humble’. Kejriwal’s achievements have a long list as in 1999 has assisted an NGO who aims to help the citizens in income tax. Electricity a many other food ration related matters. He also cetaed a corpus fund with the award money he received and founded an NGO known as Public Cause Research Foundation and also participated in drafting Jan Lokpal bill.

There are many Delhiites who think that whatever Kejriwal said, he had it done, such as to control pollution in Delhi Kejriwal government has applied the odd-even scheme for 15 days and critics condemned this step as marginally effective in restraining pollution. Arvind Kejriwal government near the end of one year has been overwhelmed with an enormous confront as striking MCD workers have besieged garbage all across the city in objection against nonpayment of their salaries. AAP has tainted the dissertation from caste and religion based politics to responsibility and lucidity and all people should carry on with this directional transformation AAP has also pushed the existing national parties to include fresh and clean faces.

AAP has stayed in the news for its good and bad, so this opinion that Kejriwal is good or bad for Delhi totally depends on person to person. As there are many reasons by which we can say that Kejriwal is best o Delhi as AAP has got peaks on power policy and 50 percent subsidy to stay. Kejriwal has increased the water supply to almost 60 MGD on average and 205 colonies have also been further added to this network. AAP has also taken a diverse pathway to embark upon the issue of transportation in Delhi. AAP has also brought in many digital solutions to make sure greater transparency and limit the interaction of bureaucrats with citizens.

There are many reasons that make Arvind Kejriwal a bad politician as he on the streets of Delhi, seem many times spoiling for a fight, especially one with an excellent view of television cameras, he egging the crowds with all the charm of a drill master. Several people think that Aam Aadmi party should deem their weaknesses and that comprises of immaturity, impatience, and inexperience. According to what people think is that the major dodge that AAP carries is its structural formation such as AAP comprises of a large number of volunteers instead of full-fledged party workers. Many people’s opinion is that Arvind Kejriwal has been a consistent liar and has done which no politician has done in the history of Indian politics i.e. promoting lies after lies, such as Kejriwal has made cry for the degree of current PM declaring him fake and saying that he is not even a graduate but later on it turned otherwise. The major blunder was that initially alleged that he never took money from controversial ford foundation but later on he committed that he took some amount from AAP in form of donation. So Kejriwal is the blunder or a blessing totally depends on the individual to individual as he has achieved much in her career and also made fake promises which have never been fulfilled and also showed all how he lies.

This article was originally published at NB Global Media

Kejriwal Blessing or Blunder for Delhi
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