It’s so comfortingly easy that you have to try it to believe it.

At the age of 47, Jennifer Lopez’s body is to die for. The american Idol judge not only has a great body but also a gorgeous glow. Ever wondered why? Yes, it’s a given that she has 2 trainers, eats high quality food, is extremely disciplined with her workout and diet regime and not to forget, she never compromises on her 8 hour beauty sleep. If this Latina babe makes it a priority to get her eight hours of beauty sleep to lose weight, there has to be some truth to it.

Sleep is my weapon,” she once said. “I try to get eight hours a night. I think what works best is sleep, water—and a good cleanser.
(Jennifer Lopez in an interview with

Before we dive into these easy to implement steps to help you lose weight during sleep, here is a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that will have your jaw drop. According to the study, losing as little as 16 minutes of sleep can increase your body weight and reflect in your waistline.Sleeping longer increases your leptin levels which controls your appetite for the rest of the day.

I know that you are curious to know how exactly one can lose weight during sleep. So here goes.

More Sleep = More Energy

Sleep, like food gives us more energy. Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalances. When you push you body to stay awake beyond the rest time, your metabolism goes for a toss. It leads to increase appetite, mood swings and the need to gorge on high calorie, carb-rich food that are not good for your body. A well rested body gives more energy to stay active through the day.

Keep your Dinner Small

“Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”

A whole food meal for dinner would keep your stomach full and you won’t have the urge to run to your refrigerator and pull out that box of ice cream. Oops!

Here’s a peek into J’Lo’s typical dinner…

1 boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast with:
1/2 cup sautéed brussels sprouts
1/2 cup baked yams with sea salt

Add a little butter to the yam if you like. A heavy meal in the night means your body is working to break down the food. If your body can’t rest, so can’t you. If you starve to bed, you will wake up hungry later and want to gorge on all high carb food that will make you regret the next day.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has flavonoids that’s known to boost metabolism. Three cups of green tea would help you burn upto 3.5% more calories in the night while you are asleep. Unlike regular coffee and tea, green tea will not your adenosine in check.

Take a Hot Bath

Hot baths not only relaxes your sore muscles post workout, but also helps in relieving stress and tension by the end of a hard working day. When you take a hot shower, the oxytocin level in your body increases. Nick named as the love hormone, oxytocin does more than making you feel in love. It helps you burn calories that can you would burn with 20 minutes off walking. A hot bath also soothes you and ensures you get a good night sleep.

In addition to all of this, sleep actually aids in muscle and bone repair, tissue repair, hormone production etc that contribute directly to weight loss.

What to know what other celebrities have to say about sleep?

She is knows for the love she has for a host of activities – Yoga, Dance, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing and more. But do you know what Evangeline Lilly’s top health tip is to maintain a sexy body? 8 hours of sleep and drinking lots of water!
Hit the snooze button and get some more shut eye. You need it. 🙂

The Simplest Way to Lose Weight in Your Sleep & Get a Body like Jennifer Lopez!
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