For many years the Indian television industry privileged scripted television programs over the erratic and potentially controversial reality show form. After observing these reality shows it is very well known that the main aim of these reality shows is to gain TRP’s. On Indian television, zilch vends like reality shows. They have not only broken out the monotony of drama series but also serve as the ideal tool to gratify voyeurism. As numerous shows has numerous formats, out which some of them had their fair distribution of controversies and their creditability has infrequently been inquired with accusations that they are not as real as they allege to be, as they are over and over again planned and well practiced to clutch more observers and in turn, privileged TRPs.

As per the wordings of an industry source contestant, most of the reality shows are rigged; contestants are told what to do. Production houses go to any extent to get maximum TRPs for their shows. Sadly, there is no element of reality in these and everything is stage managed’.

Whether it’s a dance show where slighter recognized faces of the world won best dancer tag or Big brother house in which ethnic stains and catfights are the ingredients of the process to choose winners. Actually, the basic ingredient is somewhat similar like daily soaps such as betrayal, bitching, scheming and flirtation the difference is only that, it is presented as real n reality shows. According to the contestant of the very famed, singing reality shows the whole thing in Indian reality shows are assembled and remunerated for. Their many shocking facts about the many reality shows which are very popular on Indian television such as Big Boss, Indian Idols, master Chef India, MTV Roadies, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Dance India Dance, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and Indian’s got talent.
One of the popular and awaited shows on Indian television “Big Boss’ as each season of big boss is followed by intense speculation whether Salman will host the next session or not but every year makers make a deal with him and offer him 6 crores for each episode he shoots. As per some sources, it came to be known that the big boss house is haunted as many contestants and crew members have been experienced the shadow of women in it. Even some of the cameras had also covered this shadow.

This is known by everyone that in every corner of the big boss house there are cameras and you all think that you can see everything that goes in the house but it’s not the reality, the reality is that you will get to see that much what the show wants you to see. The working of the contestants in the house is not the reality as it’s all fake. They do the little bit but everything is done by the hired staff members. So the fans of the big boss should keep this in mind that big boss script is totally scripted and the winner is not judged by the public but is judged by producer only.

Reality shows are totally fake from what contestants do to which contestant are picked it is all planned; it is nothing more than a money-making disgrace. What we see is not real as most of the part is edited. these reality shows are nothing more than a cruel hoax convincing the people of fantasies and has been very carefully set up to manipulate audiences mindsets do convince them of certain opinions. At last, the outcomes of these reality shows are also previously written by the producer and director of the show.
This reality shows are not only fake but also have many disadvantages and have a very bad effect on teens as a new generation of reality TV stars dos not thrive on talent but use sensationalism to always be in the news. These shows have the worst effect of their actions on teens, in addition to this many abuse words are also used in the shows are caught by these teens and kids which very much affects on their overall personalities.

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How Real are Reality Shows in India?
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