7 Week Transformation Challenge SQUATS

The SQUATS Transformation Challenge 3.0 is the third annual online body transformation challenge organized by the SQUATS group.

What is SQUATS

The group had a humble beginning as first a whatsapp group where the founder Jitendra Chouksey (aka JC) gave training and nutrition advice to his friends and friends of friends. JC knew his stuff and championed natural body building in a country where the average gym trainer takes oral and injection steroids with impunity. Soon, his group spread to Facebook where it now has more than 100,000 active users.

How did I get into Strength Training

I started strength training in early 2016 following a training program designed by my strength coach Singh Daman. Before this, I ran short distance (in college), half marathons (later and still do), along with HIIT workouts designed by Shaun T. All the high intensity cardio gave me tremendous stamina but my upper body was underdeveloped. I was shocked to learn how easy it is for me to get a shoulder injury when lifting a girl or white water kayaking! This forced me to take a serious look at strength training.

In the last year, I have had two injuries in my left shoulder and right elbow which forced me take time off. But I have been pretty regularly lifting weights otherwise and increased my weight from 70 kg to 84 kg. Most of this is muscle mass but I have also become fat.

SQUATS Transformation Challenge
This is what I look like in my Week 1 pics

How can you participate in the SQUATS Transformation Challenge 3.0

The process for Squats challenge is to post a front and back pic of yourself along with a code that they release every week. The code ensures that you are not posting an old pic. The winner will be decided on the maximum difference in your body after 12 weeks. The winners will get a range of jaw dropping prizes. The last date to post your first pic is 7th April, so if you are interested join in!

My Nutrition Strategy

My strategy for SQUATS TC 3.0 is to take it easy. I am not going for the extreme ketogenic diet (< 20g carbs) because I want to eat vegetables and pulses. That said, I am not eating anything which does not have protein. So, only paneer (Indian cheese), pulses, vegetables, milk, curd, whey protein powder, soybean for me. I am a vegetarian. No eggs. I will post detailed calculations about my diet plan in a later post.

My Workout Plan

I started lifting weights in early 2016 with a 4-day a week upper lower split which was designed by Singh Daman. This was the perfect program for me and I made good gains. For the next three months I will be doing a Pull, Push, Legs, Rest, Pull, Push, Rest split. How I designed this program and why I think this is the best workout plan for me right now, I will discuss in a later post in great details.

Kickstarting the SQUATS Transformation Challenge
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