Vuukle Fights Comment Spam and Trolling

Today, online news and information works in real-time and gets you quick updates about everything important that’s currently taking place in the world. Such accessibility to an information highway has been possible for the first time in human history. Another historical first is the sheer amount of online vitriol, trolling and spam that we have unleashed on fellow netizens.

Comments mean audience engagement. They are the fruits that a writer bears for his labor of love. And yet, there are always a few party-poopers that abuse the commenting section of the page with their trolls and spams – yep, we’ve all been there, faced that.

While it’s one thing to disagree the author’s view, it’s totally different to disrespect the piece and the person.

Is an average troller a joker that destroys your comment section and asks “why so serious?” – we asked ourselves this question.

Vuukle Fights Internet Trolling and Hating
Plenty of Jokers around, where is Batman?

It’s quite appalling that, in the last 20 years of the internet, very little has been done to improve the quality of comments. And while there are quality checks by grammar tools and diligent editors on articles, the comment section mostly remains unprotected.

However, Vuukle in it’s collaboration with Google has found just the right “formula” to put a stop on trolls and spammers.

Vuukle API Comment Plugin

What if comments were judged in real-time by cutting edge AI to make sense of whether the comments are in good spirit or bad? Whether a comment is justified or purely inappropriate and hostile!

Vuukle Fights Comment Spam
Vuukle is the Dark Knight that your Comment Section needs and deserves

Toxicity Rating : Toxic Comments No More

If a commenter comments on an article that the “content is mediocre”, the Google API will give this a rating – a parameter that will judge whether the comment automatically goes through to the commenting box or not.

Something like “content is mediocre” will have less toxic rating but something like “the content is ridiculous, you are an idiot” – will give a toxic rating that will probably be above 70% and the comment will need to be approved by a human before getting posted on the website. Thus, making it possible to put a check on unwanted comments from trolls.

Vuukle Moderation Panel

Vuukle Dashboard

The Vuukle Dashboard : giving YOU the power to change the world of comments, use wisely, write well

To ensure that you’re able to get proper support in approving/rejecting comments, search articles by user email id or filter comments. Vuukle dashboard is the epicentre of all the important tools that you need to keep a bird’s eye view on the comment section.

The search mechanism : enabling proper managing of unwanted comments

Searching by categories as varied as articles, emails, pending/approved comments can all be done on the Vuukle dashboard.

In the comment list of the moderation panel, you find yourself having the power to edit/delete/reply to a comment.

Advanced settings : block those who are blocking your website’s pathway to quality content

It is also a reality that some users tend to pose great trouble when they intend to troll/spam your page constantly and without any reason. It becomes a nightmare to put an end to this ridiculous game. Your quality website could soon degenarate just because of an unmoderated comments section. But, fear not, Vuukle makes it possible to control such spammers.

Via the advanced settings of the Vuukle plugin, you can block users by their email ID and IP Address. You can even take measures to disable comments in articles that you consider do not need to be open to discussion from your readers – these flexibilities provided by the app allow a reader to concentrate more on the content delivered, than content received.

Vuukle Real-time Analytics on Stats that Matter

Vuukle Analytics

In addition to helping you fight comment spam, Vuukle also provides real-time analytics for every user session and author. This allows you to see the time spent by a reader on your website or app. All this data is neatly compiled to give you actionable insights to improve audience engagement and net revenue.

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How Vuukle Helps you Fight the War Against Comment Trolls and Spam
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